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Tower Casting Production Background Casting utilizes the best technology to streamline our background casting and extras payroll services.

Our simplified talent extras registration process is very similar to the on-boarding system production companies utilize for crew members. As a result, our casting talent database grows hourly, 24/7!

Have a project in a unique location? No problem! Our talent casting software can translate to any language and international sizing. Within a couple of hours we can have a database up in any region of the world and begin registering talent instantly!

Tower Background Casting Company Credits include working with Entertainment Studios; A&E Studios, Apple Studios, Amazon Studios, Disney 20th Fox, Hulu, Lionsgate, Blumhouse, USA Network, Netflix Studios, and Warner Brothers. 

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Tower Casting Directors are available 24/7! Our one-on-one-casting ensures your projects are getting the best casting service available! We offer digital extras vouchers or pre-printed paper vouchers with daily delivery.

Tower Casting verifies extras talent in advance with i9,w4, policies, and state forms on file. No additional forms on sets delaying check in!

We have been casting background extras since 1997. Our background talent database is the largest and up-to-date!

For a list of recent Assistant Directors we have worked with, here is our company IMDb link:

Tower Casting & Action Background IMDB

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Tower Casting has a large diverse database of Men, Women, and Children. We hire professional, experienced background extras that arrive to work on-time and camera ready. Our extra’s casting note to our hired background is; “Treat each background role as if this is your regular 9-5 job. Arrive On-Time, Dressed for Cast Role, Hair Make-Up Ready for Filming, and Follow All Casting Instructions.”   

Tower Casting Directors are available 24/7 to assist any production department with their extras casting needs. Our Background Talent Software includes all sizes, photos, and contact information. If specific background-cast-looks are needed, extras can upload current casting photos instantly to their talent profile for Director, Producer, or Production Department review.  


Expert Extras Payroll Services

  • 24 Hour Edit Turnaround
  • Payroll Masters with 20+ years in entertainment accounting
  • ACA/Sicktime Tracking
  • Direct Connect Payroll System (DCPS)
  • Instantly Review and Approve Edits through DCPS
  • No dealing with i9/w4/state forms (when background casting is included) – Digital forms through DCPS/Linx
  • Digital Skins & Vouchers (safe and secure!)

Background Casting Above & Beyond Extraordinary