Background Casting Above & Beyond Extraordinary

Why Choose Tower Casting?

Tower Casting

Our state of the art digital casting and payroll platform provides studios and productions companies everything needed for background extras!

Background Casting Above & Beyond Extraordinary

Tower Casting (TC) has built the most powerful background casting system in the entertainment industry. Our simplified talent registration process is very similar to the on-boarding system production companies utilize for crew members. As a result, our casting talent database grows hourly, 24/7! 
Tower Casting has local offices in California, Delaware, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, London, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Ohio, Texas, Toronto, and Washington. Have a project in a unique location? No problem! Our talent casting software can translate to any language and metric sizing. Within a few hours we can have a database up in any region of the world and begin registering talent instantly!
No other company has given more attention to providing better background casting solutions than Tower Casting.

Tower Casting checks all the Studio requirement boxes!

    • Tower Casting is the first background company to provide digital skins and vouchers!
    • Tower Casting verifies talent in advance with i9,w4, policies, and state forms on file
    • Tower Casting has been casting background actors for more than 25 years!
  • Tower Casting’s database is built with business level secure software (MS-SQL Server / SSL Secured) We care about security!

Expert Extras Payroll Services

  • 48 Hour Edit Turnaround
  • Payroll Masters with 20+ years in entertainment accounting
  • ACA/Sicktime Tracking
  • Direct Connect Payroll System (DCPS)
  • Instantly Review and Approve Edits through DCPS
  • No dealing with i9/w4/state forms (when background casting is included) – Digital forms through DCPS/Linx
  • Digital Skins & Voucher (stay safe and secure!)

Need Rates? 

Budgeting for a Project?

CA: (310) 997-3336
GA: (912) 544-6464
IL: (312) 857-9800
NY: (646) 838-4875

Background Casting Above & Beyond Extraordinary