Talent On-Set Work Questions & Tower Casting Answers

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Tower Casting is a casting company and does not guarantee any background work. All our projects are paid and insured. If you are booked by Tower Casting, have confidence knowing you’re working with the best background casting company in the entertainment industry. 

For Union members, please refer to the SAG/AFTRA website for payscales.

For Non Union members, the payscale ranges from minimum wage to flat rate wages.

Depending on your work state, pay scale can range from $72 to $125 for 8 hours with overtime thereafter.

Most jobs are guaranteed 8 hours of pay, even if you’re job is ending before the 8 hours accrues. 

If you have ANY questions regarding your booking, please contact the casting director that booked you. Always follow the casting directors instructions. 

  1. Always arrive on time
  2. Always arrive camera ready; dressed in your wardrobe and hair/makeup ready.
  3. Know who to check in with upon arrival to set (if not sure ask any crew member – make sure you’re at the correct project)
  4. If Non Union, do not ask for a Union Voucher (you already know the answer!)
  5. Bring comfortable clothing for between takes or late nights
  6. If not verified, be sure to complete the TC DocuSign link that was sent to you when booked
  7. Always follow production instructions on set
  8. If you need to leave (bathroom or other reason), always check with the Background Set AD or PA.
  9. If a production dept. supplies you with an item for work, that dept. will keep your voucher until that item is returned.
  10. Do not lose your voucher. It’s proof you worked!
  11. If lost, late, or have an emergency, call our main HQ line (310) 997-3336.

Go back to set and get it approved. No exceptions! We require approved vouchers to process payroll. No exceptions!

If you feel you are being harassed or threatened, please contact us immediately at (310) 997-3336. Our staff will take your statement privately and follow up with the appropriate department for review or disciplinary action. If necessary, law enforcement will be notified. 

If you’re unable to call, email tc@towercasting.com and use subject line: BG Policy

We expect all talent we book to be professional and treat each job as if it were their regular full-time job. In other words, you would not arrive to your fulltime job in sweats or PJs. You would not arrive to your fulltime job with your work attire stuffed in a duffle bag.

You’re expected to always arrive on time and dressed in the attire for the role your are playing. For example, if you’re booked as a Business Type; you would arrive dressed in a sharp suit. If you are booked are a college student, you would arrive in casual school attire possibly with a backpack.

Though not required, we always suggest you bring voluntary wardrobe options to each job.

Notify a production crew member that you’re not feeling well.  A set medic will evaluate you and if necessary will notify emergency medical services. If you’re required to leave set, you will be paid for time worked.

Background Actor Questions & Tower Casting Answers

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