Talent Verification Questions & Tower Casting Answers

Per US Labor Laws, all background actors hired through Tower Casting are required to verify, in person, their employment eligibility in the United States. For each new production you are hired on, you will be sent a secure DocuSign link to complete your i9/w4. You must complete page 1 of the i9 and page 1 of the w4. We request that you also complete page 2 of the i9 by entering the IDs or documents in section A,B, or C. After completing the i9 and w4, you have the option to upload an image of your IDs and documents. If you are unable to complete the DocuSign, paper forms will be provided upon check in. Tower Casting may hold open casting calls during which time we may verify performers in advance. For more info visit www.irs.gov. 

Yes. You will complete an i9 and w4 form for each new production you’re hired on. After pre-registering online, you must verify your employment eligibility to work in the United States. To verify your registration, you will need a valid photo id (drivers license, school id, passport, military id, or state issued id) and social security card. Your ID documents cannot be expired. See https://www.uscis.gov/i-9 for more info.

You will be required to complete an i9 and w4 for each new production you’re hired on. If you’re hired to a production you’ve previously worked, you will not be required to complete the forms again (unless you wish to update your w4 status).

Bring your IDs and documents to set and have them ready at check in. You will be given paper forms (i9/w4) to complete. 

You will only receive the DocuSign verification email if you’re a new hire for a project. If you’re a new hire and you did not receive the DocuSign verification email, you will complete paper forms (i9/w4) on set at check in. Be sure to bring IDs and/or documents for talent verification.

The next time you are hired or attend an open call, you can update your status at that time.

Yes. You can contact us at (310) 997-3336 or email tc@towercasting.com and use subject line: Registration

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