Extras Payroll Questions & Tower Casting Answers

Go to the Tower Casting Extras Payroll page and to find the payroll company contact information for receiving your W2.

All jobs through Tower Casting are paid by check. Your paycheck will be mailed to the address listed on your voucher. We also suggest you keep the same mailing address updated on your talent profile.  

Typically paychecks are mailed within 5-7 days after you work.

  • For SAG/AFTRA members, paychecks must be mailed within 10 business days maximum (per the union rules and regulations)
  • For Non Union members, paychecks must be mailed within 21 business days maximum. (per labor law)

If the waiting period has been more than the maximum days, please contact the payroll number listed on your voucher.
Please also email Tower Casting at tc@towercasting.com and use subject line: Paycheck Inquiry.

Contact payroll about the error immediately. The payroll number is listed on your voucher. Also email Tower Casting at tc@towercasting.com and use subject line: Payroll Inquiry

  1. Log in
  2. Click on the Profile tab
  3. Edit your address
  4. Click Save

Your address will be updated in our casting system.

Once hired for a project, be sure to enter your new address on your voucher and forms.

Contact payroll immediately and request a stop payment form. The payroll number is located on your voucher.

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