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Talent Booking Questions & Tower Casting Answers

A background actor is considered “booked” or hired for a job when the casting director provides you with complete information details for the project. Including but not limited to call-time, role, wardrobe, and location. 

At times, casting directors may check your availability. This is usually because the project requires a group submission for a role the Director would like to select or picture pick a particular background actor to play. If you accept an “avail check”, you must check with the casting director before accepting another job for the same “avail check” date.

If you already received complete information details for your booking, follow the instructions you received. Depending on the project, information details may be released to you verbally over the phone, emailed, text, or over a voicemail line you call.

If you’re ever in doubt or have questions, always contact the casting emergency line which should be provided with your booking information details.

You are receiving the DocuSign verification email because you are a new hire for a project/production. Please complete the DocuSign forms prior to arriving to work. At set check in, have your IDs and/or documents with you to verify in person as required by US Labor Laws. If you’re unable to complete the online forms, paper forms (i9/w4) will be provided to complete on set at check in.

Tower Casting allows cancellations for sickness or emergencies. All cancellations are tracked. Excessive cancellations may result in termination from our casting database.

Cancelling for another job or audition is not acceptable and will be considered an unexcused cancellation (UC). 

3 unexcused cancellations will result in termination from our casting database. 

1st UC – 90 day deactivation

2nd UC – 180 day deactivation

3rd UC – termination from Tower Casting database indefinitely

If you receive a Tower Casting UC notice, you can follow instructions on the notice to submit an appeal. 

If during normal business hours, contact your local Tower Casting’s main line.

If after hours, contact the emergency line provided with your booking information details.

If you do not have an emergency line, contact the Tower Casting HQ production line at (310) 997-3336.

How often you get booked depends on many factors;

  • Supply & Demand
  • Casting Specs
  • Availability
  • Detailed Profile (see FAQ: Profile for more info)

These are just a few factors. Keep your availability open and when you see a role you fit, be sure to submit.

Try registering with other casting companies as well. 

Background Actor Questions & Tower Casting Answers

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