Children & Teens Questions & Answers

A work permit &/or entertainment work permit is a legal document provided by your local state government verifying your child is eligible to work in the entertainment industry.

Each state has their own requirements for obtaining a (entertainment) work permit for your child.

Visit your local states department of labor government website for more information.

  1. Log in to your child’s profile
  2. Click on the Profile tab
  3. Click on General (left side)
  4. Find and update the Work Permit section.
  5. Click Save

Your childs work permit information should be updated. Click refresh to double check. 

No; there are no fees or commissions of any kind to register or work through Tower Casting. If your child is hired through an agency, the agency may deduct their commission. The agency is in no way affiliated with Tower Casting.

You do not need professional photos to work as a background actor. For background casting we prefer snap shots or untouched photos in various wardrobe looks.  Some looks include but not limited too:

  • Nice School Attire
  • Playground Attire
  • Sports Attire (no logos)
  • Formal or Tuxedo
  • Uniforms (School, Sports, Clubs, …)
  • Other looks you own

NO SWIMWEAR or similar photos of children are permitted on Tower Casting site. If such material is uploaded, the minors profile will be deactivated immediately and law enforcement will be notified if necessary. For more info, review Tower Casting Policies.

We suggest you register each child with their own email address. This avoids any confusion when receiving casting call notices, emails, or texts. 

If you still wish to use the same email address for your child(ren), enter the email address with at least one upper case letter. The casting system is case sensitive so it will think this is a new email address. Do the same (different upper case letter each time) for each child.

Again we suggest you use an email address for each child to avoid casting confusion.

Yes. Your young adult can continue to use the same profile or if he/she wishes, they can create a new profile. If creating a new profile, please email us (from the verified profile email address) to remove the old profile., subject line: Remove Profile.

Email us from your verified email address. Email to: and use subject line: Remove Profile.

Background Actor Questions & Tower Casting Answers

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